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Fun Facts About Hemp

Fun Facts About Hemp

Interestingly, the hemp plant has retained its position as one of the most versatile plants in existence on the earth today. The hemp plant has the potential of producing over 50,000 different products such as food, fiber, fuel, and so forth. Apart from that, hemp has been in existence for thousands of years ago. Even in the book of history, some believed that hemp plants were the first cultivated crop since the beginning of the world. Naturally, seeds produced by the hemp plants remain one of the most nutritionally viable foods that exist on earth today. 

While hemp is only considered partially legal under certain conditions in the United States, it is said to be one of the miraculous crops that’s capable of saving the economy and the entire planet. This is due to the significant roles it plays in every industry. Whether it is clothing, food, fuel, or paper, the hemp plant remains a potentially relevant plant that has a significant impact on every aspect of life. Interested in learning some of the mind-blowing facts about hemp? Let’s get started:

Hemps Seeds Can Fight World Hunger

Realistically, the hemp seed is filled with the daily protein requirement in humans. It remains the healthiest alternative to meat, and it is capable of preventing protein-energy malnutrition, which is the most deadly form of hunger that afflicts a specific percentage of the current world population. Hemp seeds are potentially high in protein content, which makes them a staple food for starving countries of the world. As a proteinous food material, it provides essential amino acids that contribute to the development and maintenance of body muscles.

As a result of the amino acids and vitamin present in hemp seeds, it made it one of the most nutritionally dense foods on earth. Hemp seeds can be consumed in a wide range of ways. While they can be shelled or roasted, they can also be eaten as hemp hearts. In addition, they can be pressed into oil, ground into flour, or sprinkled over other food supplements such as yogurt or salads.

Hemp Paper Protects Against Deforestation

As we’ve mentioned earlier, hemp is a viable plant that can be used for almost everything, including paper. This made it a profitable cash crop that replaces the need for trees with slower growth rates. The best way to protect deforestation is to erase the thought of cutting down forest trees. If hemp plant can be cultivated on a large scale, it could be used in the production of paper and other products derived from wood. Apart from that, it can also serve as a replacement for trees that have already been cut down. 

With the potentials of producing paper and building materials, hemp could literally save the world against deforestation. And this is considered a wiser initiative for both the earth and its inhabitants. Realistically, a single acre of hemp is capable of producing a similar amount of paper a year, which is significantly higher when compared with what four acres of trees will provide. 

Hemp Defeated The Axis Powers During World War II

History has documented that hemp was made illegal under the United States Federal Government in the 1950s. During the Second World War, the United States Department of Agriculture filmed a thirteen minutes video promoting the cultivation of hemp throughout the entire United States. Titled the “Hemp for Victory campaign, it became compulsory for the US to grow its hemp as Japan had cut off its supplies. 

In the literal sense, hemp was the crop that saved the war. From sails for the ships to the ropes, hemp plant made numerous vital products essential for the military activities. 

Hemp is Cannabis Sativa and Not Marijuana 

Frankly, marijuana and hemp came from a similar origin, which is the cannabis plant. However, hemp and marijuana are not the same. Hemp plant doesn’t contain the THC, which is the psychoactive ingredients present in marijuana that causes the “high” sensation. This implies that you’ll not need to be unnecessarily concerned about weird feelings while you’re at work after you enjoy hemp seeds for breakfast. 

Smoking hemp will likely give you a headache. However, cannabidiol, which is another cannabinoid present in the hemp plant, can be used to produce CBD oil. And CBD oil is a nutritional supplement derived from hemp plants and has numerous potential health benefits. Many CBD users reported that CBD helps to feel better with few adverse effects whatsoever. 

Hemp is Healthy For You and Heals The Planet 

If it cultivated on a large scale once more, this billion-dollar crop provides an excellent economic opportunity. The benefits of hemp are virtually endless. The hemp plant is capable of creating job opportunities that can potentially reduce the rates of crime and unemployment in society. While the medical value of hemp-infused products is making rapid changes to the public perception of this plant, it also has potential impacts to improve human and animal health. 

There you have it! Perhaps some surprising fun facts about hemp plants. Whether you consume it or turn into paper, the hemp plant is a viable plant with endless benefits. While there are more facts about hemp than the few ones we’ve listed here, these are the ones we considered as mind-blowing. Now that hemp is legalized in the United States and certain countries of the world, we hope to see the radical changes hemp plants will make in the generations to come. For further inquiries about hemp products, visit our website at https://legalweedforsale.com