Mango Kush

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Mango Kush’s effects typically last for one to two hours. It is a classic ‘munchies’ strain, and many patients use it to calm nausea and induce appetite. This strain also causes drowsiness, usually starting halfway through the duration of its effects. Negative effects may include the usual cotton mouth, dry eyes, paranoia, dizziness, and anxiety.

It is not recommended for daytime use but can work wonders on chronic aches and pains, especially joint pain. Mango Kush relieves insomnia and may also ease headache and migraine. Patients also use it to reduce inflammation and treat stress and anxiety.

19.2% THC

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Remedies                                                         Moods
Bipolar Disorder                                               Euphoria
Chronic Pain                                                      Giggly
Depression                                                         Happy
Insomnia                                                            Relaxing
Loss of Appetite
Medical Benefits of Mango Kush:
  • Primarily, the strain is excellent at crushing stress. It does so with its euphoric buzz that results in happiness. This same mood-enhancing trait is also useful to people with depression and anxiety.
  • The heavy-hitting body sedation which induces relaxation can also be helpful for pain relief. As such, patients can use it to fight off the suffering caused by the illnesses ailing them.
  • Although Mango Kush is touted to be a social strain, most people use it in the evening. Following the body relaxation, soon users feel drowsy. Patients and anyone else with trouble sleeping can use it to help them get quality sleep.

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