Cancellation Policy For Businesses

All cancellations must be requested by phone at no later than 14 days before the next billing cycle if on a monthly paid subscription service. To schedule an appointment, please submit a ticket to during our business hours of 8AM-4PM PST Mon-Fri.

We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee! Satisfaction is our #1 priority.We would hate to see you go! But we will do everything we possibly can to ensure that you as the business owner or representative have the best and most pleasant experience. That is why if you are unhappy with our services we are offering you a 100% money back guarantee! For the current billing cycle.

Please note that if you cancel, any special pricing agreed upon will be void. If you wish to renew at a later date you must renew at the non-reduced, normal price for that product or service.

Please Note: At the time of cancellation your account will immediately be deactivated.

Please fill out the form below and allow a representative 1-2 business days to review and contact you regarding this matter.